The evidence for evolution

March 2005

These essays are a response to creationists who claim that evidence for evolution is nonexistent, and to others who wonder whether the creationists might be correct.

I have no expectation of changing any creationist's mind. I have some hope that people not committed to certain assumptions on which creationism rests will gain some understanding of its advocates' intellectual intransigence -- and of the hypocrisy of their accusations that the scientific community is stubbornly refusing to face the facts about life's history.

The information presented here is readily available from numerous public sources. For my organizational outline I have relied heavily on Douglas Theobald's essay on the Talk.Origins Web site, 29+ Evidences for Macroevolution, which the interested reader is strongly encouraged to read for additional detail as well as a more professional and authoritative treatment.

I have supplemented Theobald's work with some commentary on various related issues.

The background

The evidence


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